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Aquaponics is another way of growing plants which produce vegetables. The aquaponics system combines the use of water and fish to grow plants that provide healthy food you can put on your dinner table everyday. The aquaponics systems combines the hydroponics and aquaculture systems in a symbiotic relationship. This means there is an interdependence between aquatic animals, such as fish, and plants: the aquatic animals produces nutrients for the plants, while the plants cleanse the water of toxins that harm the aquatic animals, creating a sustainable environment for the fish to live. The plants thrive in the hydroponics section of the system and the aquatic animals thrive in the aquaculture section. This combination of aquaculture and hydroponics has a number of advantages. Here are some reasons to start your own aquaponics system once you have made it operational.
This type of food production will mean you will have fresh organic to eat every single day. You could a variety of vegetable available for consumption for breakfast or dinner. Whether you grow tomatoes, squash, green peppers, green leafy lettuce, zucchini or cucumbers they will provide a readily available and fresh food source.
This system also provides you with another healthy food source. This is a readily available source of healthy fresh fish. Of course they provide you with the nutrients you need to grow your plants. You will not have to apply chemical fertilizers to your plants. Your aquaponics system provides you with fresh organic food.
In practice putting together such a system is not that difficult if you have a proven step by step guide to follow. You could assemble it yourself. But it would be nice to have your family or friends help you out.
This system will also help you reduce your dependency on the supermarket when it comes to buying vegetables. This will reduce you grocery bill and provide you with fresh vegetables right from your own home aquaponics garden.
This type of vegetable production is less labour intensive then traditional vegetable production, which requires land to grow the plants. Growing a garden in the ground requires fertilizer, maintenance and much more. You need to water the soil, the weather needs to be just right and weeds and pests must be removed.
An aquaponics system has its advantages over growing your vegetables in the ground. However you will have to feed the fish. But considering the health benefits and the money you will save, it could just be what you want.


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