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Aeration is that the method of making hollows or holes in your lawn's area. it's a method which inspires growth, higher nutrient intake and additional air filtration. These square measure all areas that require developed so as to own a healthy field. one among the simplest things concerning field aeration is that it is a utterly activity. It boosts the health of your garden while not the employment of any fertilisers or chemicals.

The specific edges that aeration brings embrace permitting stale dioxide to be free of the turf, permitting recent O2 to enter the turf and promoting higher nutrient/water intake.

The next 2 sections can take you thru the various ways in which aeration helps your field.

Encouraging root growth
Encouraging growth at a deep rooted level is one of the best ways to strengthen your lawn. The process of aeration stimulates the root areas of the grass plant, which promotes growth. In addition to simply promoting growth the process gives the grass the essentials it needs to thrive. With new channels created to the root areasmore air, water and nutrients can reach the grass roots.
Better air, water and nutrient filtration
By allowing more air, water and nutrients t access under the surface soil you help your lawn greatly. Over the course of a year the ground can become compacted. What this means is that water, air and nutrients find it hard to filter through this tough topsoil. Aeration helps to reduce the soil compaction and create healthy breathable ground.If your lawn has been starved of these essentials due to compacted soil you'll notice a quick improvement. Often after aeration people notice a quick improvement in the colour and density of their grass.
If you speak to any lawn care expert they will tell you that aeration should be done at least once annually. This is the minimum frequency that you will want to aerate your lawn at. Any less than this and the healthy of your lawn will suffer.
You can also aerate your lawn at almost any time of the year which is great news. As long as you do not aerate when the ground is going to be very dry or icy it'll be fine. The key is to make sure you are aerating at a time when water can filtrate to the roots.
If you are not already using a lawn aerator as part of your garden tools, then it should be at the top of your wish list.


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