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Have dandelions invaded your lawn? area unit they creating your drive and ways look untidy? Would you prefer to get rid of them while not victimization chemicals?

This is a scenario we tend to found ourselves in an exceedingly few years past. Dandelions had cover the years into the field, drive and terrace. Tips like mowing the field often ne'er looked as if it would stop their look for field domination.

We determined to analysis natural herb removal ways instead of victimization chemicals as they're so much friendlier to the soil inhabitants further as pets and kids.

We found that it absolutely was uphill to search out a technique or natural substance that would be used all round the house, but by employing a combination we tend to may tackle all the various areas.
Hand Tools
Hand tools will cause the least amount of damage to the soil inhabitants and have a minimal amount of impact on nearby plants. They leave behind a safe environment for children and animals and are reasonably cheap to buy.
There are four main tools you can use to remove dandelions for lawns, paths and patios.
The dandelion digger is shaped like a very narrow trowel. The idea is that you push it into the ground near the base of the dandelion, and continue doing this until you end up with a circle. You then use the digger to remove the dandelion in a plug of soil with the root still intact.
A deep root dandelion weeder has a 'V' shaped blade on the end of a rod which is connected to a handle. The idea is that you push the blade into the ground, again near the base and use a lever motion to pull up the dandelion. Because the tap roots can be over a foot long, any root which is longer than the eight inch length of the blade will be severed by the 'V' shaped cutting edge.
Weed pullers are designed so that you place them over the centre of the dandelion and push down, whereby three or four jaws grip the weed and then it's just a matter of levering back to extract the dandelion again with the root intact.
A patio knife is ideal for all those small narrow cracks that dandelions seem to find their way into. To get into the cracks the patio knife has a thin hooked blade which severs the main plant from the root. Then use can use some salt sprinkled over the top to kill the root.
Natural Dandelion Killers
With our research we found three cheap natural substances that we tried and found to be very effective in certain areas. Ideally it's best to apply all of these when the dandelions start to re-grow in the spring.
Ordinary table salt placed at the base or crown will cause de-hydration and death in the dandelion by osmosis.
Boiling water poured straight onto the dandelions leaves will cause it to wilt immediately and die usually within a day depending on the maturity and size.
Horticultural vinegar is a much higher strength than ordinary table vinegar, usually 20% compared to 6%. It can be sprayed directly onto the leaves and will remove the moisture and kill the plant through de-hydration.


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