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Creating a flower garden on your property is a great way to brighten up your home and yard. Gardening makes a great hobby and activity for families, and depending on where you live, you can even have flowers blooming all year round. But one thing that turns people off starting a garden is the price. The most beautiful flowers are often expensive, and getting started can require what seems like a lot of money up front. If money has stopped you from starting a garden, you'll be happy to know that there are lots of inexpensive ways to get affordable plants and set your yard in bloom.
Many plants you see on the sides of roads or out in the wild can be transplanted if you know the proper technique and are careful. First make sure that the plants don't belong to anyone, and if you're in the clear, read up a little on them to learn about the conditions they need to grow. When you take the plant, be careful not to damage the roots and plant it in your yard as soon as you can. Keep an eye on it for the first week or so to make sure it's adjusting, and just like that, you've started your garden! Forget cheap plants,these are free.
Also ask your friends or relatives who have gardens if they have multiples of any of their plants that they would be willing to give to you. Often the answer is yes, and they may give you some helpful gardening tips as well. Another place to look for cheap plants is the reduced price section of local nurseries or even garden sections of big box stores. This is where stores put plants that aren't selling, are damaged, or are ill. If you read up on plant diseases and pests, you may find some plants on bargain shelves that you can rehabilitate and put in your flower garden. Often these affordable plants are half off or more, making them great inexpensive additions to your garden once they're better.
The cold may spell a death sentence for your plants, but there are ways to prepare your garden for winter. If you want to prepare your garden for winter then be sure to prune plants before the frost arrives. You don't have to do a lot of pruning since plants naturally shrink back any excess leaves before the winter arrives to conserve on energy. Many plants will revert to a dormant state in order to bounce back during the spring time. If you find any excess leaves or stems that can be trimmed then give your plants a boost by making them fit and trim.


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