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There are a number of things to consider when setting up an aquaponics system. Although it is simple to build in principle, knowledge of how the system works is essential. Having first-hand knowledge of how to build such a system from someone who has successfully built a working aquaponics system, would be great. Practical hands-on knowledge is very important to have, especially if you have never built an aquaponics system before. Here are some important things to consider when building your aquaponics system.
1. Where to Locate Your Aquaponics System?
Where you locate your new aquaponics system should not be overlooked. This will determine, to a large degree, how well your plants grow and how well your aquatic animals thrive in their aquaculture environment. If your system is to be inside, the room you choose should be warm, not to hot or cold, and allow sunlight to shine over your plants. If there is no room in your home you might consider building a shed in your backyard. A clerestory style shed would be a good choice as it has a row of windows in its roof. This row of windows allows sunlight inside the structure, where it spreads down into the structure. Another choice for would be to construct a greenhouse.
2. Replenishing The Oxygen In The Water
Oxygenizing the water is very important if you want to create a sustainable environment for your aquatic animals. Properly oxygenizing the water will help ensure their comfort and good health. Remember these animals provide the nutrients for your plants. The healthier your fish are the higher the yield will be from your plants.
3. What Types of Aquatic Animals to Use?
There are many types of aquatic animals you can use to make your system work well. However the area of the country you live in may only allow certain types of aquatic animals to be used. Check with the authorities about this before stocking your system.
4. Should Additives Be Added?
Your aquatic animals will not always provide enough nutrients for your plants to thrive. You will have to add nutrients into the water yourself. This is no big deal. Generally it will only require adding such thing as potassium carbonate, iron or calcium carbonate.
Following this advice will help make your aquaponics system become a success. Growing organic vegetables will provide you will a healthy source of food right from your own home. It can be an enjoyable activity if you follow a proven step by step plan to build your system.


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